SHENZHEN Multimédia® is a  french brand, compliant with CE, EMC and RoHS standards, specializing in the manufacture and design of digital large format digital display, which has established itself in the market of HD, reliable, powerful and powerful displays.
We design and assemble our products in our factories in France, to ensure the best quality screens for our many customers who are already loyal to us. We have already realized several projects to set up screens in France (ski resort, GSS, GSA, sports hall, shop, factory …), as well as international (football stadium, show-room, advertising).

Thanks to the unique design and ingenious ergonomics of our dynamic display products, our goal is to become the reference brand in Europe and Africa in terms of image quality and reliability as well as simplicity of implementation of our spectacular video screens.

We offer several ranges of LED products:
– Large format professional monitors indoors and outdoors -> 9 dynamic display products in several versions ranging from 72 to 156 inches (183 to 399 cm diagonal) for intensive and continuous use for professionals Audiovisual and business of all kinds.
– Inside screens (custom-made) -> 9 models of slabs for the inside of a Pitch: P 2.5 mm, P 3 mm, P 4 mm and P 5 mm
– Outside screens (custom-made) -> 4 models of modules for the exterior of a Pitch: P 4 mm, P 6 mm, P 8 mm and P 10 mm
– Modules for stadium edges -> 2 models of modules of a Pitch of: P 12 mm and P 16 mm
– TVs : SHENZHEN SMD LED TV -> 2 models 102 Inches and 130 Inches

Discover our 2017 Products Catalog, with all our professional monitors, as well as our interior and exterior display screen tiles for the creation of your LED image walls!

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The first French brand who designs giant screens and image walls on LED SMD

Capture the attention of your customers even in daylight thanks to our giant screens that are more powerful than LCD or plasma screens. Our professional monitors and our image walls with LED used technology SMD adapt to all locations.

High definition

SHENZHEN® is the first French brand to offer a wide range of professional, large format, high-resolution monitors.

High definition

SHENZHEN® is the first French brand to offer a wide range of professional, large format, high-resolution monitors.

Assembly in France

Our monitors are design, extra-slim and integrate in all spaces. The adjustment of modules that make up the slab is perfect thanks to our specific assembly system that we designed in our French factory.

High brightness

Thanks to the mastery and power of the SMD technology that make up the slabs, our LED digital display provides maximum luminous intensity even in the most lit areas.

Ultra Compatible

Our giant LED panels are compatible with all existing screen networks and are compatible with all management software.

Remote Control System CLOUD

Thanks to our remote control system CLOUD, each of our monitors can be monitored to ensure that our giant screens are in good working condition or that they are installed.


We offer a 3-year parts and labor warranty, as well as an optional 2-year extension. (Valid only in metropolitan France, Special conditions for export.)

We design reliable, High Definition, smart and powerful, large format LED monitors. Due to the unique design of our LED panels and the ingenious ergonomics of our products, we aim to become the reference brand in Europe in terms of image quality and reliability in both the ease and functionality of our spectacular video screens. Because our products are equipped with the latest generation remote control system ” CLOUD ”, we are able to regulate the correct operation of our screens at all times, regardless where they are installed.