About us

SHENZHEN® is a brand that designs and assembles giant
HD LED screens, in France.

SHENZHEN Multimédia® is a  french brand, compliant with CE, EMC and RoHS standards, specializing in the manufacture and design of digital large format digital display, which has established itself in the market of HD, reliable, powerful and powerful displays.
We design and assemble our products in our factories in France, to ensure the best quality screens for our many customers who are already loyal to us. We have already realized several projects to set up screens in France (ski resort, GSS, GSA, sports hall, shop, factory …), as well as international (football stadium, show-room, advertising).

Thanks to the unique design and ingenious ergonomics of our dynamic display products, our goal is to become the reference brand in Europe and Africa in terms of image quality and reliability as well as simplicity of implementation of our spectacular video screens.

We offer several ranges of LED products:
– Large format professional monitors indoors and outdoors -> 9 dynamic display products in several versions ranging from 72 to 156 inches (183 to 399 cm diagonal) for intensive and continuous use for professionals Audiovisual and business of all kinds.
– Inside screens (custom-made) -> 9 models of slabs for the inside of a Pitch: P 2.5 mm, P 3 mm, P 4 mm and P 5 mm
– Outside screens (custom-made) -> 4 models of modules for the exterior of a Pitch: P 4 mm, P 6 mm, P 8 mm and P 10 mm
– Modules for stadium edges -> 2 models of modules of a Pitch of: P 12 mm and P 16 mm
– TVs : SHENZHEN SMD LED TV -> 2 models 102 Inches and 130 Inches

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Our objective

Is to provide a large format digital display, that is a secure, turnkey solution.

Designed with SMD LED technology, our SHENZHEN Multimedia® screens in XXL-sizes are designed to broadcast advertisements or information messages.

Our dynamic display screens large formats mainly dedicated to these different sectors:

Health – Meeting – Finance – Luxury – Airports – Hospitals – Control Room – Education – Car – Hotels & Food – Retail – Retail – Transportation – Showrooms – Expo – Tertiary & Headquarters – Sports – GSA / GSS / GSB – Hobbies & Tourist attractions – Banks & Finance


– Our professional monitors are designed, assembled and tested in our factory in France
– Innovative technology: LED SMD
– Sold in a ready-to-fit kit, so as to facilitate the assembly of our professional monitors and make it fast.
– Compatible with all management software. We sell software already integrated in the monitor. It allows to control 1 or 2 screens. If you want to drive more than 2 screens, there are specialized platforms.
– Possibility to broadcast on the screens: videos, advertisements informative messages …
– Monitoring system integrated directly on the screen, so as to remotely control all our screens in real time.
– 3-year parts and labor warranty *, with the possibility of extension of 2 years.

* Valid only in metropolitan France. Special conditions for export.


Our strong points

SHENZHEN Multimedia® has been able to stand out against the competition

Our products are typically used by GSA, GSS, GSB, designers of point of sales, commercial area builders, advertising networks, touristic sites, exhibition grounds, leisure parks, showroom, and the entire automotive sector.

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By integrating IT management and connectivity within digital display monitors, we are the first French brand to offer large screens “pre-finished” compatible with any contents of management software already in place or not.

Due to this embedded technology on the digital screen, we enter the French market as precursor and we have planned a European deployment that will take place in two years.
Until that time, we are developing a technical support dedicated for installers and our national network of distributors.

SHENZHEN® uses SMD High Definition technology, because it’s the only one that can broadcast images and text, in broad daylight, with brightness up to 6 times higher than plasma or LCD digital. It’s also the only company to allow the realization of large format LED screens display.

2The electronics screens are produced in Shenzhen, which is the capital of high technology in South Asia. In our factory in France we realize the design, assembly and quality control.


SHENZHEN Multimédia®, is positioned as a brand precursor concerning the quality and the durability of LED large formats monitors, relying primarily on a powerful high-tech Asian firm that invests in research and development since 2006. By integrating the IT management and connectivity inside the monitors, we are the first in France to offer large screens “pre-finished “.

SHENZHEN Multimédia® is the reference mark on the manufacture of large format LED display. The design, assembly and quality control take place in our factory in France. In Shenzhen , in a last -generation ISO 9001 factory 30,000 m² , more than 600 employees working solely on the manufacture of the electronic part of the monitors.

Each product is integrally assembled on its support before being tested at least 100 hours in operation, and then, during this stage, we precede to the colour LEDs calibration. Then, we re-dismantle our products for ship in kit, «pre-finished». SHENZHEN Multimédia® is also the first brand in France to offer an infrastructure and a range of 9 products dedicated and adapted to professionals.

The work of engineers has enabled us to design the most reliable slabs of the market.

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In order to bring the best products to our customers, our engineering teams have worked for several months for the purpose of offer a LED High Definition quality still unpublished in France and specially developed for the large format.

The SHENZHEN Multimédia® screens are unmatched, and promise their buyers the perfect quality.

In Lyon, we have a DemoCenter to allow each client and each installer to learn about new technologies and discover the design and ergonomics of the products.

New technology

SMD LED giant screens in HD quality

By integrating management computing and connectivity within digital display monitors, we are the first French brand to offer “ready-to-install” giant screens compatible with all content management software already in place or no.

We are approaching the French market as a precursor and we have already entered a European deployment for this new year 2016. We are developing a technical support for installers.

SHENZHEN Multimedia® uses SMD High Definition LED technology as it is the only one that can deliver content in daylight with up to 6 times the brightness of a digital LCD or LCD display. It is also the only one to allow the realization of large format LED monitors. Since we manufacture our giant indoor and outdoor screens, we can ensure better tracking and impeccable quality of our giant screens.


The electronic part of the screens is produced in Shenzhen (capital of high technology in South Asia), in a last generation ISO 9001 factory of 30 000 m². More than 600 employees are devoted solely to the manufacture of the electronic part of the monitors. It is in our factory in France that we carry out design, assembly and quality control. Our giant video screens are tested for at least 100 hours in operation, during this stage we proceed to the colorimetric calibration of the LEDs. We then re-dismantle the products for shipment in kit, ready to pose.
SHENZHEN Multimedia® is also the first brand in France to offer an infrastructure and several ranges of giant screens HD and full HD dedicated and professional.


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