How to buy?

Whether you’re an end-user or fitter solutions reseller dynamic display, choose the service that suits you.

You wish to acquire a giant LED screen SHENZHEN ® brand.
Thank you for your confidence and whatever your profile, you must know that we strive to bring you the best possible service.

Due to our French factory, due to the revolutionary design of our slabs, and through our process strict quality control, our screens are the most reliable in the market. Therefore, we offer you, when purchasing the product, a guarantee for parts and labour for 3 years on all our range.

Whether you are a user, installer or specifier, with SHENZHEN® you’re on to enjoy the best of technology with confidence.

You are end user, you want to acquire one or more giant screens brand SHENZHEN®

Your sites are already equipped with a dynamic display solution and you already have a multimedia provider:

> In this case it is necessary that your provider uses the contact form in order to receive the entire infrastructure of SHENZHEN® brand and bring you the best service.

You do not have screen and you don’t have a digital signage provider:

> In this case we invite you to use our contact form so that our nearest Distributor can contact you and respond to your request. Our distributors are audio-visual professionals and they will be able to offer you our various products and services and also a turnkey service on the implementation of your digital signage solutions.

You are a network teaches, an advertising agency, and you want to see and compare our giant LED screens before equipping your sites:

> In this case we invite you to visit our DemoCenter. We reserve you a personalized welcome and we will answer all your questions. You can discover the products in a privileged and choose the best solution for your needs especially in terms of definitions.

You are a professional person of the display, audio-visual, signage or communication and you want to become a reseller or distributor

> In this case we invite you to visit our Internet page Become Retailer / Distributor. We will reveal the many benefits you have to offer your customers the latest generation LED monitors SHENZHEN®.

You are prescriber, architect, master contractor, or an advertising agency, you want more information about our products

> In this case we invite you to visit our DémoCenter. We reserve you a personalized welcome and we will answer all your questions. You will discover the products in an appropriate setting and appreciate their high quality finish and the many innovations developed by our engineers.

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