Tailor – made

You haven’t found the product that suits you? Shenzhen can also meet your customized needs.

– You want to integrate your display into an existing support?

– You want a giant screen format?

– You want a screen with a specific format?

With the SMD technology we can meet your demand by creating a custom size screen without limit.

SHENZHEN® put disposal to you its design office for propose to you a personalized offer depending on application and your budget.

The consulting firm provides all the supplies necessary for the installation of the screens and structural design plans if necessary.

Send a free custom quote request using the form.

– You don’t know which products choose?

– You are not sure that the product you chose be fits your application?

Contact sales department or visit our DemoCenter using the form in order to get the best advice.

Notre hotline contact@shenzhen-multimedia.com +33 (0)4 72 77 98 38