Catch your customer's attention, even in broad daylight...

Up to 6 times more powerful than digital plasma or LCD, our professional monitors, benefiting from SMD LED technology, adapt to all locations. Quickly discover our full range of products!

High definition

SHENZHEN® is the first French brand to offer a wide range of professional, large format, high-resolution monitors.

High quality finish

Our monitors are designed to be extra-slim and to fit anywhere. The adjustment of the modules that compose the panel is perfect thanks to our specific assembly system.

High Brightness

The control we have over the SMD technology present in the panels and the power of this technology allows our digital screens to provide maximum brightness, even in the most well lit places.

Ultra Compatible

Our monitors can connect to any existing screen networks and are compatible with all management software.

We design reliable, High Definition, smart and powerful, large format LED monitors. Due to the unique design of our LED panels and the ingenious ergonomics of our products, we aim to become the reference brand in Europe in terms of image quality and reliability in both the ease and functionality of our spectacular video screens. Because our products are equipped with the latest generation remote control system ” CLOUD ”, we are able to regulate the correct operation of our screens at all times, regardless where they are installed.