Technology LED SMD

SHENZHEN®, designs and manufactures only giant screens
to LED high definition with SMD technology


SHENZHEN® designs and manufactures only high-definition giant screens with LED SMD technology.

Unlike the usual monitors, SMD slabs are composed of electronic modules in which are integrated an ultra-powerful computer processor. Each electronic module is composed a printed circuit on which reside the SMD LED. His power may be to grow to 6500 Nits. Display definition of digital screens depends of the spacing between each LED’s implantations.

The LEDs are subsequently moulded in the resin which allows the digital display surface to be totally secure and unbreakable. The modules are then assembled together until reaching the desired display format. Once connected the CPU processor manages the flow to divide the image on several LEDs with refresh ranging from 1400 to 2200 Hz depending on the models. This conception entirely robotized and to be high-tech, is the only one that makes it possible to carry out big screens while keeping 100% of the light intensity which is up to 6 fold higher than a screen Plasma or LCD. (350 to 500 Nits in on average).

There are two main differences between these two technologies.

1- The application :
SMD LED technology is the only one which enables to realize slabs digital display with big dimension, whereas a LCD will be much better suited for screens of small sizes. Taking into account a ratio price / technology, the transitional size is approximately 75 inches.

2- Light intensity :
The Power of light SMD LED is up to 10 times greater than an LCD. The monitors SHENZHEN ® create a remarkable dynamism in the space where they’re installed and above all they’re the only ones to function in daylight contrary to an LCD monitors. These will be much more sensitive to ambient light and them losing their effectiveness in high brightness environments. The power of LED SMD allows to capturing attention, even in the largest spaces.

These two technologies are not in competition because; one begins where the other stops. This mainly depends on the size format and the desired application.

If you already have a wired Ethernet network nearby

In this case just connect the screen by means of the RJ45 Ethernet cable provided. SHENZHEN® favours this alternative because it is the most reliable and stable.

If you haven’t got Ethernet, but you have a wireless network in the vicinity (in a radius of 100 M): :

Our digital displays have the embedded Wi-Fi and a long-range antenna improving the quality of receiving at most. In this case, you don’t need to do anything for you connect. A simple configuration will be required to allow the monitor to join your Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t have Ethernet cabled network or a Wi-Fi network

In this case you must to subscribe to a 3G at your telephone company. You must provide the SIM card when installing the monitor. The monthly subscription cost is of a few euros per month and going to allow your SHENZHEN® screen to be connected to Internet and to manage its content.

The SHENZHEN® giant screens are adapted to all configurations and you will be surprise by their ease to be use. They can receive any type of video signal since these are monitors.They function as a computer screen. With their built-in media player, the monitors are fully configured at the factory and are delivered ready to be connected.

Our monitors are compatible with all content management software. Simply set our monitor as a new monitor to your existing management software using the parameters we provide. It will be added to your list of digital display screens and you will have the same functionality as other network screens.

You don’t have a network of existing screens and you want to install a single SHENZHEN® giant and digital screen :

In this case, we will supply free basic management software that include the main duties. You can distribute your content, manage your playlists, your messages and access at the programming operating time window.

You don’t have an existing screens network and you want to install several SHENZHEN®monitors :

To bring you the best service we will connect you with our network of distributors who will be able to offer a turnkey solution provider containing content management.
You benefit and the best technology with complete confidence.

The lifetime of a SMD screen is 100 000 hours which are more than 10 years with a use 24/24 h and more than 15 years with a use of 16 hours per day.

SHENZHEN® monitors are designed to operate 24h / 24h but it’s advisable to turn off the monitors 8 hours every 24 hours. These digital displays are designed to turn on or off remotely. The power management is performed from the content management platform.

Most displays have a finish that does not allow a perfect assembly of modules leaving black lines on the image.

To achieve an optimal quality finish and perfect our slabs, our engineers have designed a specific system of assembly the modules. Our slabs are fully assembled at the factory before dispatch.

In this way SHENZHEN® guarantees a perfect homogeneity of the image similar to a TV.